It’s the age-old question: Do your students read your feedback? And when you’re in the classroom, do you know when your materials have landed with students? Feedback is difficult, and making it meaningful is even more so. In this session, we’ll look at three tools for making feedback more efficient, timely, and relevant to students and engaging for everyone: animated gifs, polls, and video feedback for assignments. We’ll practice using all three and discuss what situations might be best served by each method. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to implement at least one new tool in your classes immediately.

  • Discussion of current feedback strategies: what works, what doesn’t, and in what contexts.
  • What problem did you come here to solve today?
  • Overview of the three strategies with time to play with each one:
    • Am I getting through?: Polls for Assessing Learning
    • What are they thinking?: Animated GIFS for Immediate Classroom Feedback
    • Meet them where they’re at: Video Feedback on Assignments
  • The take-home: what is one strategy you tried today that you can implement this week?